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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to keep updated and receive news of the websites you like. Instead of having to connect to each of your favorite sites to see if they have written some new news, you can use RSS technology to know when they have posted some relevant information. Check the information and other items of interest that gives you inmobilia.com regarding their property. This way, you can integrate into your website or see your RSS client, completely free information about our properties or newly added products and services through our system directly without having access to our website. We offer a variety of categories. Simply select the ones you want and add the address into your RSS reader of your choice.
Category Information Link
Productos y Servicios http://bolivia.inmobilia.com/rssChannel/prod_serv
Proyectos Nuevos http://bolivia.inmobilia.com/rssChannel/proyectos
Inmuebles en Reventa http://bolivia.inmobilia.com/rssChannel/inmu_usu